Dec. 9th, 2011 11:44 am
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*scowls* Things that are currently not loading on my computer:

-My facebook games

What the hell. Stupid computer. I need my distractions while studying for my finals!


Oct. 28th, 2011 01:23 pm
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*looks around and beams* Guess who just changed her layout again! Yep, I felt the need to go back to a One Piece layout. What can I say besides haters to the left? I'm really enjoying the Fishman arc.

Picked up issue two of my three comics (Red Hood, Supergirl and Wonder Woman) and I continue to enjoy them. I'm also thinking about picking up Justice League but I'm not sure if I want to pick it up now or wait for the plot to pick up some more. Not sure if I actually want to read about them putting the band together or not.
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Wow uh *embarrassed look* It's been a while huh? In my defense (though it's a little bit of a lame defense, I'll admit), school starting up again occupied most of my time. Though not a lot of it, which we'll get to in a minute.

But first off, the excellent news!

Game of Thrones casts Ygritte

*flails with excitment a la Kermit the Frog* OMG! They have finally announced Ygritte which means they are finally shooting scenes with Ygritte and omg. Guys, guys, she and Jon are just. The best. The best. I mean, I hardcore love Robb and Jon together and Jon/Jamie are my guilty pleasure but Jon/Ygritte. They are my GoT otp to end all otps. I love them so much. Ygritte is one of the best female characters in the series and I really adore the mentor/lover relationship she and Jon have going on. All the love in the fucking world.

Also, I have read some of the new DC reboot so some quick thoughts on the three that I have read (Supergirl, Red Hood and the Outlaws and Wonder Woman):

Spoilers )

In conclusion: I am happy. Please do not harsh my squee.

And a quick commentary on the new season of Criminal Minds: I have loved every episode so far and I am so fucking glad that my team has been reunited. Never leave me again.

Okay, and now the other third part of my explanation of why I've been silent so long.

Talking about my health )

(And the last reason I haven't been around for awhile is because ah I've been playing Pixie Hollow. Shut up)

Day Five

Aug. 14th, 2011 08:33 pm
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I'm still feeling lazy. Yes, I know, I am teh worst. So sue me.

09 - Favorite female character in a drama show

Um Criminal Minds counts as a drama show, right? Well, it's one in my books so I'm gonna go with Emily Prentiss. I love her :)

10 - Favorite female character in a scifi/supernatural show

Teyla! Love of my life! She is another one of those characters who are perfect to me~

Questions )

Day Four

Aug. 13th, 2011 08:28 pm
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I'm feeling lazy (and dizzy) tonight so no pictures. Sorry!

07 - A female character who needs more screentime

Well, in a series that's done with, Ginny Weasley needed a hell of a lot more done with her character. She should have started taking a larger role in the series around book four. 

In a series that's ongoing, Hinata. I want more Hinata D<

08 - Favorite female character in a comedy

Um. I don't really watch comedies.

Questions )
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At long last, I have found a reason to dislike tumblr. (Well, beyond the server issues) And that is that it made me remember my love for BtVS and Angel and thus rewatch them. This is a problem because it made me remember all my issues with Joss Whedon. And now I'm very very worried for The Avengers.

He just has to not fuck it up. He can manage that, right? Right?

03 - A female character you hated but grew to love )

04 - A female character you relate to )

Questions )
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*waves* I changed my layout again. I felt the urge to do so because, upon occasion, I just get irritated and feel the need to do so. My new layout is very pretty :)

Anyway, since I've sort of been.. blagh about posting, I thought I'd attempt another meme in an effort to encourage myself to post more! Let's see whether or not this works at all. I decided on doing the female character meme so let's begin!

Also, I have again decided to answer two questions a day because ah. I'm lazy. So sue me.

Lots of images under the cuts btw.

01 - Favorite lead female character )

02 - Favorite supporting female character )

All The Questions )
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*flails madly* I just came back from seeing Captain America and omg. Omg. It was everything I wanted! Steve was perfectly characterized, Peggy was amazing and finally a continuity that I can ship Steve/Bucky in! 

(Also Steve/Peggy was the best canon Marvel romance the movies series has given us. And that's from the person who walked out of Thor with stars in her eyes over Thor/Jane. Though I still don't ship Tony/Pepper. *fails at shipping apparently* But whatever. Steve/Peggy ftw!)

And then! AND THEN! Like my day was perfect enough, Korra info!!

And a trailer!

fghakdgjldgkjdagkjl *weeps with joy*

(Though there's been a lot of unpleasant news in RL lately :/ It's terrible, what's happened in Norway. And my brother is spending his fourth day (well, more like three and a half) in the hospital, though they seem to have ruled out anything serious, thank God. He should hopefully be released tomorrow.)
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So I have watched the last Harry Potter movie and, for the most part, I enjoyed it. My review of the things I liked, didn't care about, disliked and hated are all behind the cut.

Spoilers~ )
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I'm a little late in squeeing over this but half of that is because only now am I able to look at these pictures and think somewhat coherently about them. Before it was just mindless flailing.

Hobbit First Look: Pictures

*dies from glee overload*

Also, I've been watching Game of Thrones and making my (slow, very slow) way through the book series (am currently on book 2) and I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. And considering that I only started watching because I have a weakness for dragons, that's saying a lot.

Though I'm also a little confused because I'm shipping Robb/Jon and um I don't ship incest. Ever. And yet here I am, flailing madly over these two. What is this and how is this my life. Oh GoT, you have finally overcome my last moral boundary. Congrats you terrible thing you.
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I also feel like having this up on my dreamwidth so eh, I'll list it here.

So this is a list of my OTPs (meaning my favorite ships for the fandom-I like a ton of ships) in order of love and also a list of the pairings that I refuse to read anything for. I will admit, however, that few of the ships I dislike, I dislike because of the pairing itself (incest ships are the exception. Sorry guys, it's not my thing). Most of the times, if I dislike a ship, it's because I dislike the hardcore fans.

Crazy shippers really are a turn off of mine.

That all being said, I don't care about what anyone on my flist ships. I'm listing my likes and dislikes because sometimes shipping is filed under 'irreconcilable differences' and I feel the urge to be upfront about it. But, honestly? Whatever you guys like is fine with me. Just, if you post a fic or a fannish post about a ship I dislike, don't be surprised if I don't respond to it *g*

Read more... )
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Ah I guess I should also post all the other places you can find me.

I have a pretty empty insanejournal (

I have a less empty journalfen (

And a pretty active tumblr (

I guess I'm also pretty easy to find online since I just use the same name over and over again. Heh.
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Well, I guess I should post something here.

I don't really plan on doing anything with this account. I just wanted a dreamwidth so I could follow coms/people who are only on dreamwidth. And I didn't feel like figuring out the OpenID thing so I just got myself a free journal. Yes, I am that lazy. Tremble in awe.

My active journal is my lj with the same name:
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So, unsurprisingly, I ended up kinda abandoning you all again. I'll wait for you guys to get over your shock.

But my reasons for doing so is because I spent most of this week fretting over my kitten, Morgan. He's sick D: And, while I love all the cats we have/seemed to have adopted because they are all very very sweet, Morgan and Ronon are my favorites. And now one of them is sick ): And he just looks so miserable too.

It suuccckkkkss.

Thus I've been just floating around on tumblr, looking for things to cheer myself up with but mostly I've just found more things to depress me. I should really stop doing that.

Oh! Btw, I now have both a tumblr and a dreamwidth, if any of you are interested in that. Personally, I only plan on using my dreamwidth to comment on things and stuff so, I dunno, just comment if you want me to add you! But I'm honestly not sure how many of you actually use dreamwidth so eh. 

Also, I spam my tumblr. I do it very frequently since I tend to spam with things that I find pretty and/or interesting/noteworthy and tumblr has a lot of those. It's... kinda becoming an addiction, to tell the truth. I should probably stop.

And now, in my further attempts to stop worrying myself into more grey hairs (nghg not even close to twenty-five and I already have a bunch), I'm going to leave you all with one of my new obsessions: an utterly perfect AMV for the new Young Justice series!

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Hahahaha guys guys. I am a terrible person, I know. I totally abandoned you all so cruelly! I would try to do better but um I can't really promise that I will because hello. I am lazy. I consider laziness to be a virtue, yes I do.

Well, in case any of you were wondering what I've been up to, I'd like to inform you all that I have, finally, seen Tangled

I loved it.

Seriously, completely and utterly, I loved it to bits and pieces. It had plot, engaging characters AND an engaging romance! I am very pleased :) I think I may even sorta kinda maybe like it better than The Princess and the Frog? After all, Tangled did have both an awesome villain song and an awesome love song while TPatF only had the first. Yes, this is my measuring scale. So sue me.

Also, I have decided to just go ahead and finish up that pairing meme because, really, why kid ourselves any longer? I am lazy so it's time to end it in one go.

25 - A pairing that you have grown to like )

26 - Favorite childhood pairing )

27 - Pairing that you think is most adorable )

28 - A pairing people would be surprised you like )

29 - Your favorite of all relationships you've posted so far )

30 - Free Choice )

The questions~ )

Hello 2011

Jan. 1st, 2011 12:11 am
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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the New Year!

This year we will get new Pokemon games, a Thor movie and a Captain America movie so lets hope that it will be the best year ever!
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I'm popping back in to wish everyone a Happy New Year! My Christmas was excellent as you might have guessed, considering that I vanished for this entire past week. I've been relaxing and enjoying my holiday. It's very nice *_______________*

I'll try to be around more in January but no promises ;} I plan on sleeping quite a bit, since I don't have to worry about school for awhile. Oh sleep, how I have missed you <333

Anyway, enough of that.

Happy New Years everyone!
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To everyone who celebrates it,

Merry Christmas!

To everyone else on my flist, have a wonderful day as well! I hope you enjoy yourselves :)

And to [ profile] simourva Happy Birthday! I hope you have a extra special super awesome day today!

(ETA: *snorts* I really need to pay attention to what I'm typing)


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